Le Perchay Diary

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25 Августа 1944

9 am
Почти сутки по хреновой французской дороге под проливным дождем, ветром и проносящимися мимо шато с погребами. Не знаю, как там парням было в Джимми, но у меня спина и задница приняли форму не самого удобного на свете сидения джипа. Нас высадили в лесу около Ле Першэ, в какой-то долбанной глуши без внятных целей и указаний.

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Letter to Barbara

Dear Barbara,

Finally I can write this letter to you – I have been dreaming of this for ages now. So I would firstly like to assure you that your father is doing fine. I am feeling alright, although I long for a good sleep.

Now that the war in Europe is pronounced over, one may think there is no more firefighting going on here. Unfortunately this is not the case. There are groups of Nazis here and there who still fight for Adolf and their Third Reich, refusing to surrender. So I wish my fellow Americans did not continue being killed.

Thus we have to conduct the so called patrols, darling. A patrol is when a group of American soldiers goes around some area in search for Germans, to make sure the area is clear. Veterans hate patrols: the war is over and no one wants to die by an accident. So vets try and find all sorts of reasons to change themselves for newbies if a patrol is organized.

So this was the case with us in the 2nd squad. We were having a rest near the town of XXXXXXXXXX in XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX when we heard we were sent for patrol as a small group of German paratroopers (they call them Fallschirmjaegers) were in the area not far from our positions.

1 rest01

Sgt. Freeman was leading the patrol. He has just been promoted not long ago, but he didn’t even have time to change his rank insignia from a Corporal.

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Osweiler letter. December 1944

Привет братец Лео!

Я не знаю, когда ты получишь это письмо – почта в последнее время ходит из рук вон плохо, не получал твоих писем уже миллион лет… Все же надеюсь, что причина не в том, что ты перестал писать по причине ранения или чего-то там еще нехорошего.


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