Rheinhorst After Action Report


April 20, 1945

200930 Dropped at Rheinhorst town limits. Objective – secure the town. Only slight opposition was reconed by a forward armor patrol.


201200 Received an updated HQ orders to proceed with the operation and 1300 due to arty deployment delay.

201300 Commenced the operations. 1st Platoon’s objective – Berliner str. up to the corner of Junker str.


201300 Berliner str. secured. Heavy opposition from elite German units including paratroopers. 1st Platoon casualties – KIA 1LT Finnegan, SGT Owenson, PFC Poplakowki, PFC McKoy, PVT Buick, WIA PFC McKay.

201430 Secured Berliner & Junker str. corner. Enemy troops withdrew toward Adolf Hitler sq. area


201530 Ordered to secure enemy barricades at Junker & Stermbusch str. corner. First wave of attack failed due to heavy MG’s placed on both sides of the street corner covering all approaches. Platoon was forced to withdraw suffering heavy casualties.


201600 SSG Harp and team commenced flanking maneuver resulting with an effective overrun of the enemy’s MG nest in the barricaded are from the rear. Later this position was used by SSG Harp’s team to eliminate defense positions of the enemy troops in the designated area. 1st Platoon KIA’s PVT Chevrolet, PVT Limonchello, PVT Jefferson, WIA PFC McKay.


202000 1st Platoon ordered to secure Adolf Hitler Square from the N direction thru Karl Wilhelm str., while 2nd Platoon attacking this position from W and 3rd from E.

202020 Approached area of operations. Heavy enemy presence in the area, multiple MG’s and fortified position on top of the church tower. Requested arty support which was declined.

202030 Started the attack by flanks. 3rd squad on the right flank suppressed in a demolished building, 1st squad trying to break through ruins on the left side of the square. Enemy MG in the bunker right in the middle of the square.

202040 Heavy US casualties. 1st Platoon suppressed in Strenbusch str.

202045 1st Platoon tries to break through enemy’s defenses. PVT Hillys captured by the German troops.


202105 Adolf Hitler square is taken by the 2nd Platoon.


202200 Guard duty shifts in the Battalion area.



April 21, 1945

210700 Ordered to capture Mayor’s Mansion.


210730 Commenced the attack from Junker str. to the E. Heavy opposition and MG’s presence.


210830 Arty support requested and granted.


210840 105’s missed the target and destroyed enemy dump in 100 yards over the target.



210920 German troops defending the mansion surrender. Over 20 prisoners taken and forwarded to the Battalion HQ.






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