Neuville-sur-Moder After Action Report

1st Platoon

Able Company

22 Infantry Regiment


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January 04, 1945

040900 1st Platoon transported by trucks to the town of Neuville-sur-Moder. After a short reconnaissance HQ established at Cheval Noir Hotel.

041010 Small allied force consisting of British No.3 Commando spotted in the area of operation.

041100 1st Platoon ordered to establish defense lines through the town and secure key points provided by Battalion HQ.

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041400 No.3 Commando received orders to set up an ambush site at SE part of town close to the garage.

041523 1st Platoon alarmed on major enemy force supported by unidentified armor advancing from the south. Enemy strength unknown.

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041534 1st Platoon received orders to proceed to defense lines at Cemetery and “La longue route” restaurant area.

041545 1st Platoon engaged in heavy fighting with enemy force, consisting of joint German infantry and SS troops. Estimated strength of the opposing force is about 200 men armed with automatic weapons and hwy mortar support.

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041630 1st Platoon withstands 3 full scale assaults of the enemy on it’s positions at restaurant and gas station, suffering heavy casualties from direct artillery fire and hwy mortar. US KIA 15, US WIA 5. Enemy casualties estimated and 100 KIA and WIA.

041700 1st Platoon rallied to the second line of defense due to lack of any US arty support and need of regrouping in face of heavy casualties.

041720 Germans assault the Market square. 1st Platoon assisted by the British troops holds the attack. The enemy occupies part of the Town Hall.

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041800 1st Platoon establishes night defense lines and ordered to monitor enemy movement in the area.

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042300 Orders received to form a joint night raid to gain any intelligence at the Town Hall. No US KIA, enemy casualties 20 KIA approximately. No POW taken due to spontaneous fire in unfavorable weather conditions.

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January 05, 1945

050800 Platoon on patrol duty.

050840 PVT Gazzinni and PVT Wagner took enemy POW. POW escorted to the Platoon HQ, interrogated and proceeded to the rear. Intelligence on current enemy status provided.

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051000 Orders received to retake the Market square area, eliminate remaining enemy force in the Town hall and secure the town area. 1st Platoon is accompanied by the 2nd on the right flank and 3rd on the left.

051030 Platoon engaged into heavy fighting in the Market Square. The enemy established 5 MG-42 nests on the Town Hall roof providing full cover of the area. Arty support requested to demolish the building. Support denied for the time.

051110 During combat in the church area 2LT MacFinneger captured by the enemy and escorted to the enemy rear.

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051200 The enemy truce bearer arrives at Platoon HQ requesting exchange US POWs for food supplies. SGT Harper, acting as PL takes the offer. Exchange arranged at 1300

051300 Exchange starts at the center of the Market square. German soldiers try to open the box of rations which was mined with 2 Mk.II grenades. US KIA 2LT MacFinneger, SGT Harper, PFC Breeder, PFC Kucharski, enemy KIA 10.

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051430 1st Platoon reinforced with 2nd and 3rd, continues the assault on the Market square pushing the enemy back to the cemetery area.

05135 Market square regained. Platoon flanking the enemy at the cemetery, forcing the opposing force to retreat to the rear. 5 US KIA, more than 40 enemy KIA.

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051600 Enemy counterattacks Platoon at the cemetery and restaurant. After 30 minutes engagement enemy forced to withdraw.

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051700 Platoon on patrol duty.

052000 German truce party arrives. The troops seems to be overdrunk and offer to exchange US ration supplies for their arms, which are seemed to be out of order. PFC Morgan acts as an interpreter. After an hour long parley, the agreement is made to exchange 1 crate of M unit for 2 MG-42s, 1 Sturmgever and a lot of enemy equipment, which is transferred by the jeep to the rear.

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052345 Night raid at the enemy positions. 3 enemy KIA, no US casualties.

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060900 Enemy remaining force surrenders. Information send to the Battalion HQ. Platoon is transferred to the rear for rest and resupply.

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January 08, 1945
1LT B.C. O’FlanniganCommanding1st Platoon


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